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17 December 2005 @ 10:54 pm
I'll learn to cut. Promise.  
Edit....The quiz I had commented as 'I don't find this amusing...but I clicked anyway, and Im so disturbed O_O'

well....I pasted the wrong quiz for that...I was commenting on how I'm apparently going to be molested by Gushoushin. Ewwie.

You will be doing -it- with... Yami no Matsuei Chara
by superelectra
Favorite Word
You will do it withMurakiXTsuzukiXHisoka
Your kinky sex toy will beLeather thongs
It will happenIn front of an audience
You will sayX_X() uh....
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Your Yami no Matsuei Life (Yaoi)
by silver_foxfire
You are in lust with:Tatsumi Seiichiro
He is madly in love with you:Tsuzuki Asato
You die:With the pain of a broken heart.
He mourns you:Watari Yutaka
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Which Yami no Matsuei Char's Underwear did you Steal? by Linasan
Your Name:
Your Age:
Theft Victim:Count Hakushaku
Boxers or Briefs:Boxers
Underwear Design:Green
What did he say?:"You Suck!"
What did you do with it?:Sold it on the black market
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Your Sex Fantasy With A Male From Yami no Matsuei by ChibiGriffon
Your PartnerTatsumi
WhenAugust 11, 2005
WhereIn the Hall of Candles
Favored PositionSitting Down
Objects UsedFluffy Hand-Cuffs
Did He Enjoy It?Hell ya~!
Times You Orgasmed7
Times He Orgasmed8
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People should use this one for challenges. *looks evily at Ra-chans current request option*

Yami no Matsuei - Your jumpstart to writing a YnM fic!
by naviki
Your fic includesoodles of angst (oodles ;_;)
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Who is your Yami no Matsuei whore?
by Bleeding_Pixie
LJ Username
PlaceDr. Muraki's evil lab. While he watches.
Why you go bankrupt$9,440,580,269,798
YnM WhoreHijiri
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