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07 March 2011 @ 10:57 pm
So one week and one potential repetitive strain injury later; I have finally played and finished Birth by Sleep, huzzah!

And so, since I am filled with so much excitement about it, have some garble!

Omg, how very very depressing. Seriously. I'd pretty much had the whole thing (accidentally) spoiled for me before I played it, but it was still such a downer... but only in an odd elated kind of way, as I do love it rather a lot.

I also downloaded the secret movie (since the journal would've been hell to complete and I figured playing the whole thing again on expert would be bad for my health) and... yeah, cool, although the timeline was pretty baffling. Currently googling to see if I can find a belated discussion on it to have a read of, just to see what other people made of it. It's time's like this I regret not having a designated co-fan to rabidly discuss things with (any takers? :P)

Well anyway, I never really had anything clever to say here... this is mainly an exercise in trying to quell to major rush of endorphins finishing the game has given me. On the plus side, this also opens up a lovely new avenue of fanfics and fanart (which... I'll probably need to occupy myself with now that I won't be destroying my eyes and wrists for 6 hours a night. ;) Damn PSP, not well designed for holding at all, ironically enough.)

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