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08 January 2006 @ 07:27 pm
I took an X/1999 pairing quiz. Theres DEFINATLY a pattern in the order I got XD


Which X Pairing Are You?
Subaru/Seishirou -- you're a firm believer in destined, yet twisted, love. You like the tragic romance that marks their relationship and the lack of true closure that comes with it. Both Subaru's innocence and Seishirou's lack of it intrigues you.


Which X Pairing Are You?
Subaru/Kamui -- You're a sweet person who always hopes for the best. You believe these two should eventually find sanctuary from their losses in each others' arms. You're definitely an optimist, and believe firmly in love.


Which X Pairing Are You?
Fuuma/Subaru -- Twisted! Very twisted! A beautiful couple, but usually involves no love, even less tenderness, great sex, and a lot of arguing.


Which X Pairing Are You?
Subaru/Kakyou -- A very sweet, if rather unlikely, pairing. You believe in bonding through shared pain and hatred. As these two would most likely understand each other very well, you believe in relationships firmly based on reality. Now to only take care of those death wishes...


Which X Pairing Are You?
Fuuma/Kamui -- Destiny has definitely got something to do with these two. You're most likely into S&M, given the way Fuuma treats his little uke. Unless you want Fuuma to be saved, you're definitely a fan of twisted relationships.


Which X Pairing Are You?
Seishirou/Fuuma -- Wow, are you in this for the sex or what? These two most likely had nothing to do with each other except for the quick bang, but their life in bed was probably one of the most interesting you'd come by. Only quesiton is, who was seme?


Which X Pairing Are You?
Fuuma/Kakayou -- You're a little bit warped, but your sense of aesthetics outweighs that by far, Kakyou and Fuuma being one of the most beautiful couples in X. You've most likely got a thing for helpless ukes and extremely dominant semes. O_o;;


Which X Pairing Are You?
Kamui/Keichii -- You're also a fan of the sweet and innocent, but with perhaps a bit more spice. You admire Keichii's resilience through times of trouble and think that he would be perfect for the angsting Kamui.


Which X Pairing Are You?
Kamui/Kotori -- you're sweet and innocent to the bone. You believe in straight relationships of two people the same age, who start out friends and grow to be more. Let there be no bondage or tear licking around you.


Which X Pairing Are You?
Sorata/Arashi -- a definite fan of the more amusing, light-hearted things in X. Sorata is genki and Arashi is an ice bitch, making their relationship fun to watch and enjoy. You're also a fan of destiny, given Sorata's propensity to insist that Arashi is the only girl for him.

And now I'm gonna go put cuts everywhere ^^
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