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15 November 2006 @ 10:47 pm
TRC *AGAIN*...I'm sorry  
To the person who asked if Miyuki-chan has been in Acid!Tokyo yet, yes she has, I feel so proud I spotted her XD;

Also, is it just me, or is Karen holding Aoki's arm in one panel? XD;

Anyway. Small spoiler bits.

....they left evil Syaoran? Guh??

So, people all deaded now. Least ther's no indication they're actually characters we know of. Vaguely wondering where evil Syaoran got his big black cape from.


Uuum, thats enough spoiler talk from now. XD

(also, I found the bits I could understand were the bits with the X chara's that...you know...actually interested me.)

And Is it just me or did Fai and Kurogane not speak once the entire chapter o.O

Well, they probably do, if I'd looked harder ^^;

Aaaand onto XXXholic.

...oh, and yes, They have indeed left Acid!Tokyo. Hurray for boredom again. No one strike me down, Kurogane and Fai interest me...it's just....nothings gunna match up to all of Tokyo's events...right?
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