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31 May 2006 @ 05:51 pm
Original Post

I should lj cut this I think...

Content warning: Somewhat Angst

So...I'm a bit miserable, because today the shop I was workign in got robbed when I was there on my own, and I was a bit...er...useless...

Just to clarify, It wasn't money, it was stuff on sale....and I knew the guy was gunna steal something, and I really should've buzzed downstairs earlier...but I didn't, and he totally got away with that (apart from the 3 handcreams I saved, oh woopetydoo.)

It was really weird because after I started shaking a lot (as well as further exhibiting how loose my tear ducts are >_>)...

And then I was freaked out to walk home, and my mother wouldn't couldn't pick me up...but my Auntie spoke to me on the phone for most of the way home, because she rocks. So I
feel somewhat better...

Besides, what kind of jerk off robs a charity shop? >__<

Edit: Oh, and some people (including me, har) are gunna be so so happy with the new Tsubasa chapters cover...XD

Oh, the sparkly gay =p
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