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29 April 2006 @ 02:21 pm
Birthday (and tentacle porn YEY)  
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29th April - Gendou Ikari - Evangelion

Haha, do I seem to be mocking him with that picture? Oops. Its a shot from the Evangelion game that I got pictures from yesterday, that game has like woah art. (It has the striptease Kaworu, and the elvis costume Kaworu, and the pimpin Touji (sp?), more Gendou mocking yada et yada....XD)

Um, as for the tentacle porn as mentioned in my lj post title, thats in reference to my last post...I saw the English scans, Its real! SHOCK AND HORROR! XD And it has Tatsumi's e-mail address in the issue (wtf? odd email...o.o), and the dead Hisoka picture (*fawn*). Oh and for those who didn't see the editted version of my last entry, I added in the tentacle porn pages of the manga...

No more YnM manga now! =( Thats the last one published in Japan....(unless they somehow decide to publish the Hana To Yume installments..(yeah...right))...Although I did hear she's meant to be continuing this year..and she did do those 3 side stories...*hopeful*

Aa well.

Oh also I've got to point out the line in the English dub of Advent Children that pawns me.

Sephiroth: (To Cloud) On your knees...

Have a nice day! ^_^
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