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15 April 2006 @ 01:54 am
Advent Children English Trailor and Release Date  
Sorry to be so prolific but I just saw the Advent Children English trailor.


This is a quote of what I said to Darkelf straight after.

ryouko_misaki: O_O dont do it, my ears already bleeding
ryouko_misaki: nah It wasnt....um...so...um...bad...
ryouko_misaki: KADAJ
ryouko_misaki: SOUNDS
ryouko_misaki: SO
ryouko_misaki: GAY
ryouko_misaki: XD

Yes ladies and gentleman.

But in our happy flock, he's what you'd call a black sheep

Happy flock has to be the best name for the 3 ever. Im going to have image of Sephiroth dressed as little Bo Peep hurding them.

And Cloud grunted alot, but didn't speak (much more extroverted grunts, aa, americans ^_^)...and Loz and Yazoo sounded great from their grunts. Ahem. Marlene was um, lets not speak of her ever again m'kay? Although it was odd to hear someone say Cloud (and not Kuraudo)...I'm glad they kepy it that was though ._.

So yes, now I can just look forward to Liam O'Brians one line XD and Crispin Freeman.

Two disk Special Edition will be released on the 25th April
11 days away! w00t! O_O

Edit: Tidbit for those who watch Desperate Housewives, both the girl who plays Susans Daughter and the girl who plays Bree's went to the premier ^_^
EditEdit: Wow. Reno's voice did Raiden. And Peter Parker, and ace venteurer. But the point is, he pronounced it ree-know. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow....
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