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03 April 2006 @ 01:36 am
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(Left to Right)Xianghua (Soul Calibur), Kanae Ohtori (Utena), Zion (Enzai)

..That was a day late (but it isnt in America it seems XD). I forgot. Had lots of files to sort. Wow that soudns pathetic. Does it sounds better if I say it had alot of porn? That sounds worse? Thought so.

Also, if the cut-less pics are a problem ..then I did ask, so someone just reassure me that they're okay...please? ^_^;

So yeah, the only one of those Id want to comment on is Zion. Because he's from Enzai. My current fixation. Oh yey prison sex ^^;

For those who don't know, its the first yaoi game to get a domestic english release...and It took me way too long to get...(practically 100% on the Japanese version by then...-.-'). Anyway Zion (Stupid romanisation, they all *say* Jion, and although its the same...Its annoying when I look at it. Or something. ^_^) is the very rare character to come across, and he has the Gary-Stu ending and persona. STILL I do like him. ^^ And I have all intent on buying the fanbook (which took way too long to find...) too...

Then, I can prove how pathetic I am by gettign the joy of adding the birthdays to my calender XD Considering this was the only scanned profile page I could get hold of....

Oh, and everyone should know, this game is not for the faint of heart, or squeemish, or moral. Really. ^_^

Edit: Aa, its because they pronounce is Shion. See? Its stupid ¬_¬
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Clare: kurogane fai tsubasa spiritcuriousciel on April 3rd, 2006 11:28 pm (UTC)
Eheheheh - I own that game - glad to know there's someone else out there who's so much as heard of it xD
kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on April 3rd, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC)
A comment! *falls off chair*

Actually, Its thanks to you I own it! ^__^ I think we have the same magazine subscription too...:P (you got yours yet..?)

I have the audio dramas too...and the ovas..(well I saw them first XD)..and I must get the fanbook! O_O

So yeah I should thank you for inadvertantly leading me to it XDDD *huggles*
Clare: clutches yuuko watanukicuriousciel on April 4th, 2006 06:18 pm (UTC)
You mean Gush magazine(best name for a mook EVAR xDDDDD)? I don't have this months yet, but my CC keeps refusing to pay even though I'm about £1000 away from my limit. Bastards.

So. I led you to it. I corrupted you! :o xDDDDDDD
kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on April 4th, 2006 09:18 pm (UTC)
Yes, you did. (Infact mroe so than you, sicne I played the Japanese version which has small small icky thigns that they took out (aa...thank god XD))

And yeah I mean gush :P I payed for it the same time as Enzai (weeks ago..) but I havent got anything yet ^_^;
(Anonymous) on April 14th, 2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
"And I have all intent on buying the fanbook (which took way too long to find...) too..."

DOES THAT MEAN YOU FOUND IT!? O_O OMG! You're a godsend if you did! Heehee. Btw, i'm Kumi. Nice ta meet you! I was searching for the fanbook and came across your LJ (don't ask how.). n_n Anyhoo, did you find it? And if you did where?

(CRAZY ABOUT ENZAI!) Heehee, Zion's the best. I hate that they spell it Shion romanized. AT LEAST SPELL IT with a Z if they say it differently! GAH! I love 'em all though, I can never pick a favortie no matter how many times someone asks me. (though I must admit Vallewida is kinda jumping ahead of the rest. Haha!) Anyhoo, sorry if i'm blabbing. I just had to ask about the book. n_n
kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on April 14th, 2006 08:20 pm (UTC)
Aa my god another fan XD

Well its on this site here:

But I had to put in a special order, so they should be getting them back into stock, and I did that a while ago too, so soon hopefully XD

And I don't midn you babbling, if it wasn't for you being anon I'd have probably added you to a messenger to witter about it XD
Oh, and I love them all too, although Vallewida's my favourite character, tehe XD

Also, sorry about the slow reply, but I don't have reply notification on, and this was a later responce....^^;
kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on April 14th, 2006 08:20 pm (UTC)
OH your responce was just today, w00t XD
kumikoala on April 14th, 2006 08:42 pm (UTC)
WHEE! OH THANK YOU SO MUCH! *huggles you to death* I guess I have two things to thank you for. Cuz of you I finally have a place to find the book and also started a livejournal! n_n So thanx again! *huggls once more*
kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on April 14th, 2006 08:55 pm (UTC)
Np atall! *huggles back* ^__^