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21 March 2006 @ 03:01 pm
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Edit: The big size started to annoy *me*...so yeah just left right now..:P

Although now Its Yoru left Sora right...what the hell XD

Hashiba Sora (Left/Top) and as a result Yoru (Right/Bottom) too.... - From Sukisyo - 21st March

I'm in so much pain. Moving on...

Why a nekkid Sora? Well, its not for the 'birthday suit' pun, its pretty much so I can have a laugh whenever I see it. And the one of Yoru? Come on- its hillarious.

As for the right/bottom thing, its because if you view it on my page its top and bottom, but if you view the whole post on its own, its left right....

Apologies for the big pics....Im too ill to resize.

If these non cut pics are a problem to anyones bandwidth, PLEASE TELL ME ^^;

Edit: The oddest thing, I got two doujin today, and one was written on this day in 1999....hows that for a coincidence ^_^
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