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21 January 2006 @ 09:25 pm
Fai? Fay?  
Well heres the debate I had with sugahcat about how to spell Fai's name...(Fai damnit! FAI! XD)

Also featuring Sephiroth, Light/Raito and Celes/Seresu/Oz.

So heres proof that I practically wrote an essay on the subject XD

Happy Holidays and a new club
Hope everyone's having a happy holiday season, whatever religion you do or do not follow ;)

Just a quick note to say 'oooh, I made a club!'.

Where lovers of Fay meet and make him get it on with other hot boys :heart:


Haha...not when you spell it like that XD


I know u.u But that is the way you spell it, it's official. I decided I really should spell it the right way since when people spell my name 'Claire' or 'Clair' it pisses me off >.> Still having trouble reading 'Fay' as 'Fu-a-i' though.


The kata says Fa-i doesn't it?

I find Fay really awkward...I've known people with that name (actually...for an example a genki beautiful girl with wispy blonde hair XD)

So I've decided to be arrogant about it....because Fay looks awful, and as the only place I've seen it is on the actual episodes...It's easy to ignore CLAMPS dippy-ness...

At least it's not as bad as the fans who put Fye...which has no grounding whatsoever...

I know last time I discussed this I has a great example of ignoring what the Japanese romanize it as...but I can't remember XD

I guess the main thing I can say it that literally, we should have the option to use the kata version or the english-ized version.....and since the kata version actually LOOKS right...XD

Oooh that was long o.O


ファイ is the katakana for Fay's name - 'fu', 'a', 'i' so the sound could well be romanised as Fai or Fye - but remember he's not English. Just like Jesus isn't prounounced the way we do, rather as 'Hey Zeus' which has always amused me ;) So in Celes, the 'ai' sound must be spelt 'ay'. Or something :P

A great example of Japanese romanisation is most things on engrish.com - ah, how that site makes me laugh.

I know a girl called Faye. And while she's sort of hot she doesn't sound as good as your Fay ;)

And 'Fay' is the way CLAMP have nearly always spelt it from what I've seen - in the Charatere Guide, on the shitajiki's... I think they only spelt it 'Fai' once on the name of the icon of him from CLAMP-net :P


Aa yes, I know they will have written it like that, but I don't *see* these things, and what I can't see won't hurt me. ^_^ As for how it would be in Celes/Ceres/Seresu/Oz, I try to always maintain a low opinion of CLAMP, so I don't think of them as that witty XD

And when referring to the kata, the 'English' pronunciation never crossed my mind...(I swear I've forgotten English pronunciation I've been so swaped with the Japanese...)....I was thinkign more of the Japanese...although I haven't seen the kata for it before, admittably it would've made no odd's as I can read around 3 kata characters XD I favouritised hira, learnt that, and made a vendetta against kata as my excuse...

Kind of a-'how dare you make this so difficult??' o.O

But I just keep getting pulled into these arguments lately, I got pulled into one at Y!Pages on how to spell 'Sephiroth'....

And if you know a Fay/Faye you must also know how hard it is to adjust to reading it as Fai/Fuai..

The spelling 'Fye' annoyed me because It was another romanisation, although at the time (not knowign it was Fu-a-i as opposed to Fa-i) I thought Fai was just the kata. ^_^;; It kinda bugs me when they try to romanise the names like that, hence why I disliked 'Fye'....you can't make it up with the Japanese alphabet....so It was obviously...wrong. >_<

More likely with the -ay, Clamp *think* thats how it would be spelt with that sound over here...

Although Ra-chan got pulled into an agument with some idiot (and his friend who'd studied Japanese for *years* ¬_¬) who insisted that Fai is actually meant to be pronounced like we say Fay. And obviously its a case of 'For fucks sake just watch the anime! I win by default! >_<'

Hey, can I copy this fangirlish drabble into my livejournal? Or else I'll never see it again, and Rachel will never believe how long I spent anylising Fai's name. Not sure If I want her knowing (jk, we've had the same talk MANY times...we crazy desperate fangirls XD)


Well, Sephiroth is referring to the Kaballic Sephira so it should indeed be spelt 'Sephiroth'. Things like that bug me a little - like people calling Hellsing 'Herushingu' and Alucard 'Akado' - these are loan words, you're English (or American, whatever) just say them how they're meant to be said. Same goes for CLAMP (not Kurampu). The only one that I'm willing to back down on is Light/Raito... Because Light is a stupid frickin' name.

I too know very little katakana, and have forgotten some hiragana too u.u I'm trying to get back to it but there are so many other things that eat my time.

If Fay was supposed to be pronounced 'Fay' it would have been spelt 'fu-a-e'. That guy sounds like a bit of an idjit.

I think I've spelled Celes that way and as Ceres in one fic. Hahahaha, I suck >< But I go for Celes now.

Feel free to paste this ramble into LJ ;) The randomness!


Haha, well I don't mind Light, and I don't mind Raito, what pisses me off is when people throw tantrums over people using Light (oops, thats what Im doing with Fai XD)....and Light is what I learnt first...I guess I alternate. Oh and I love Death note, even If I fell out qith Light/Raito. But hurray for L XD (Ehom I don't see people calling Eru, as thats how its subbed....^_^;

And the way I pronounce Fay, It would be Fei....

As for Oz, I tend to say Seresu. Watch be boring and generic, but Celes reminds me of Celery. ^_^


You could just say Oz and weird people out.

L does rawk. Raito is... just weird. Deathnote is wonderful but I only have the first volume. Tsubasa is the only thing I can be bothered d/ling and importing and the comic shop in Wigan is baaaaad when it comes to stocking manga *shakie fist* wanna read Loveless when it comes out 'cause I love teh kitty boys... Though no-one told me Ritsuka was 12 *twiches*

I should just get back to my Japanese and then I can read the originals. So much better.


Raito's a bastard. Grr. ^_^

I refuse to read the translations for it, but I got the huge huge spoiler for it....omgnuuuu.......>____<

And I don't really know anything about Loveless...^^;

Edit-I should say, sugah is the first comment, and it alternates from there ^^
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kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on January 21st, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)

Also, please look at my lj customizations ^^
recristalchan on January 22nd, 2006 02:31 am (UTC)
This is very interesting...
Fay D. Flourite ^_^
kurenai_tenkakurenai_tenka on January 22nd, 2006 02:39 am (UTC)
Thanks ^^

I should start a poll somewhere XD
xx_unaspi_xxunaspi on January 23rd, 2006 02:34 pm (UTC)

Fai D. Flowright. That's how I first read it, that's how i'll stick to it.

Well, I might in future switch to Flourite... but I prefer the look of Flowright.

To quote Clow Reed himself - "Lets just trust in Del Rey"
....There's something terribly wrong there...
But other than that BLATANT mistranslation during Fai's first appearance (I refuse to put it down to Chii just being dippy), they've not done bad. It's been close enough to what i've read on Hyu and Pikari's translations....

"Let's just trust in scans and translations"

Oh, and I'll viciously murder anyone I know who writes it as Fye. GrrDeathMurder.
(Anonymous) on January 23rd, 2006 02:47 pm (UTC)
Aaa...you have checked my lj :P

And I think your grammars off...don't you mean that the fanslations were different?