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20 September 2006 @ 02:17 pm
Good day for two fandoms, shitty one for another.

Yami No Matsuei

She's actually doing some work! She had a new chapter published in Hana to Yume! IT'S A DIFFERENT BLEEDING MANGA! >_____<

http://www.hanayume.com/cgi-bin/url/url.cgi?left=hanayume/menu.html&right=hanayume/yokoku/now.html <---the one with the chic in the blue box, apparently it's about a girl who looks like Ukyou who likes aquariums. =B *seeth*


*cackle* The new art! The new art! =D http://oujiro-chan.livejournal.com/16197.html
It's made of win! And...chains! =D

Also, I can only assume everyones seen the full size Kamui cover for TRC now, if not it's here; http://ladydarkmoon.livejournal.com/122338.html

Damn. That's one hella awesome Kamui pic XD (and the clothes win. ^_^)

Kingdom Hearts

Okay, so now, as opposed to the early assumption that there would be a weird COM segment in final mix, they're now making a whole ps2 game of Chain of Memories! =D (reverse rebirth...^___^)

Oh, and Final Mix will definatly have more OrgyXIII cutscenes, and Namine. ^_^

Real Life

Real what? sorry?

edit: Tsubasa 129 translation here---> http://x-reggg.livejournal.com/107485.html And one scan...and it's...aww...XD;;
editedit: scans-->http://photo.163.com/photos/cocoya118/73426830/ password: ducheng
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